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Lake Canyon Elementary's Mission

The mission of Lake Canyon Elementary is to personalize the learning of each and every one of our 

students through the provision of a quality and meaningful educational experience built upon access

to unique and varied opportunities, especially for our students who normally would not have access

to these opportunities because of their socio-economic, limited English language, or disability status. 

As educators we know at the heart of creating sustainable academic achievement and ensuring the

civic, college and career readiness of our students, is the provision of a school culture where

engagement and opportunities are valued and maximized. This clear need of our students led to

Lake Canyon Elementary School’s administration, staff, and parents joining together to make

increased student engagement and opportunities a reality. We are providing varied opportunities,

both indoors and outdoors, for our students to discover and explore their areas of interest and

talent leading to the long term anticipated outcome of each and every student being ready for what

lies ahead on their journey of achieving civic, college and career readiness by the time they leave

high school.

     Lake Canyon students are assessed using classroom formative assessments, district benchmark 

assessments, and through the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress-NWEA) assessment each

Trimester.  The data from these assessments informs instruction, professional development for staff,

and personalized learning plans for each student. Changes and updates to student personalized

learning plan goals and actions are made regularly to meet the changing needs of students.  

Student and parent voice and choice are valued and included in the formation and implementation

of the student personalized learning plans. For example, each year our teachers, parents, and

students are surveyed using survey tools from both the Gallup organization and WestEd.

The results of these surveys inform the ongoing work around personalization which is implemented.

In addition, at Lake Canyon, there are purposeful supports in place, such as one on one and small

group access to a school social worker and counselor, to aid students and their parents in accessing

the varied opportunities available to them and participating in the goal and action setting of their

personalized learning plans.  These added supports assist students and their parents to overcome

potential hindrances to access of opportunities such as disability, limited English proficiency,

or socio-economic standing.  Lake Canyon educators also craft a yearly growth plan for themselves

in conjunction with school site administration.  Professional development is tailored to individual

educator growth goals.

     Innovative and personalized instruction of the adopted standards is implemented at

Lake Canyon and is informed by multiple measures and professional development in the latest

innovations and technology tools available. 

     There are a wide variety of over twenty innovative interest based after-school clubs on our

campus, each with a civic, college readiness or career focus. In addition, we have service

learning across every grade level, outdoor learning experiences, field trips, exciting all-school

assemblies with expert guest speakers, academic competition opportunities, and the

implementation of technology use through blended and flexible learning environments. Our school

has been recognized nationally and statewide for our wellness and civic learning initiatives.

 At Lake Canyon Elementary we provide a world-class educational experience where students are

engaged and informed, their interests, talents and strengths are valued, and knowledge of careers

and professions are emphasized.  Student success, achievement, and growth is regularly celebrated

as part of our school culture through weekly and trimester awards assemblies and

recognition programs. 

     Through our adopted model and practice of providing a strengths and interest based

personalized learning program with opportunities for all students which leads to civic, college and

career readiness, Lake Canyon Elementary has extended the LCAP goals of our district by

partnering with and receiving grant funding from local, regional, and national community

organizations and partners to provide and install a digital media lab, fitness track, extensive

outdoor learning centers and gardens, visual and performing arts programs, and technology

opportunities such as computer coding, programming, engineering, robotics and digital video

editing on our campus.  We have purposed that all students will have access to these varied

resources both during the school day and as part of our extensive extended day offerings

of clubs and service learning groups.  Essential materials and resources such as chromebooks,

Ipads, digital video recording and editing tools,sound systems, LCD projectors, art supplies,

musical instruments, performance costumes and sets, physical fitness and sports equipment, 

gardening equipment, and robotics equipment, etc. have been acquired through grant funding

and federal, state and local school funding.  Personalized learning plan goals and actions for

every learner prescribe and recommend access to these varied opportunities to support academic

growth, intrinsic engagement, and ultimately, college and career readiness.  This purposeful

personalized approach will benefit school-wide achievement as high levels of student engagement

and opportunities correlate to academic growth and civic responsibility.

     Administration, teachers, and staff are given access to facilitate and lead these various programs

and opportunities both during the school day and as part of our extensive extended day offering by

selecting their involvement based around their own areas of passion, strength, expertise, and interest.

Ongoing professional development is prioritized financially and provided such as release time,

conference attendance, provision of new technology tools, and coach support in order to ensure

knowledge and skills are current and maximized.